Stop being your own it-department.

Walter Media is a managed service provider (MSP) for it-support, domain assistance, endpoint protection, endpoint management and much more, completely remote.


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Remote Support

We manage your entire fleet of devices by connecting them to our award-winning software. We can then help your employees regarding their computers and devices. We also keep an eye on all devices constantly so we discover things before they become problems.


Prevent intrusions and data leaks.

Together with device management, we also offer to secure all devices. We partner with industry-leading virus protection and ransomware protection for Windows, Mac & Linux. We make sure to prevent data leaks and intrusions against your business.


All your devices, always up to date.

We also offer the ability to keep all your windows devices automatically updated, and also up to 200 other third-party programs. Your employees will no longer have to wait for updates, and they will happen automatically over the cloud when the device is switched on and not active.

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